About Us


Since 2004

“You are what you drink and eat!”

Drink Healthy Live Health, Eat Healthy Stay Healthy, We make Lactose-Free and Dairy-Free Drinks and Smoothies. ” Because we care, Yummy House does not use MSG”

Eden Café Inc., or formerly known as Lollicup Fullerton, formerly named Eden Café in DTF, now Called Yummy House located in La Habra and Brea Downtown is an Asian Fusion Café that features:

“The Best Boba Milk Tea in California Since 2004.”

“The Authentic Japanese Ramen Restaurant”

“The Authentic Taiwanese Restaurant.”

We also serve Japanese Sushi, Japanese Plum Wine, Japanese Sake and Japanese Beer.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of delicious, low-fat, heart healthy portion controlled fusion cuisine or snacks to go with your handcrafted drinks.